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Don’t Forget the Puppies!

You didn’t think I forgot about the puppies, did you? Of course not!

As you could see from the picture of my backyard (a few posts ago), the boys already have a pool to play in. However, I am unhappy with this pool. It stays open all the time, collecting muck and bugs, but most disgusting of all, it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. I can’t have that! My solution is to buy a pool with a lid. I will place the pool in the center of the cement portion of the patio for the best amount of sunlight, and least amount of muck to be tracked into it. I have a little confession to make about the pool, though. The boys believe it is for them to have fun in, splash in, play in, and drink out of. Please don’t tell them that I fully intend on using it to hose them down and give them a good soapy bath in every now and then. That will be our little secret.

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There is something else I plan on giving the boys. I intend on giving them outdoor beds. The beds will be like little hammocks made especially for dogs. It will keep them off the ground when it’s chilly outside, and when it’s hot, air will circulate around their whole bodies, keeping them cooler. As a bonus, not only will it help prevent bugs from crawling on them, but it will be much more comfortable than the hard ground. Hmm. Now that I’m thinking about hammocks. I may just go right ahead and put a hammock for myself under the pergola, right next to the cold drink cooler.

I do believe I have just created a beautifully decorated backyard, perfectly suited to two very spoiled puppy dogs.

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Decorating the Pergola

We already have a green table for dining. We also have a small green mesh metal coffee table. We need seating. I feel like some sturdy metal chairs would work, being interchangeable for dining and relaxing, and also bringing in pops of other colors. Chairs like the photo below would be perfect!

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It would be fantastic if I could make use of all those empty planter pots on my patio. It would be even better if I used the pots to grow plants that are natural mosquito repellents. Naturally, Citronella would be the first plant on my potting list. Marigolds, Geranium, and Lavender can bring me some beautiful blooming colors while they work their mosquito repelling magic. (See below for images of Marigolds, Geranium, and Lavender, in that order.) Basil, Peppermint, and Rosemary can serve a dual purpose as well. They can repel those pesky mosquitoes and be the beginnings of a patio herb garden.

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As a finishing touch, let’s add lighting to my new outdoor room. I absolutely have to have twinkle lights for the ambiance, but that won’t be enough lighting. I would also like to hang a ceiling fan light fixture with a dimmer switch for the light. The fan will keep me cool on hot summer evenings, and the light will be bright enough to eat by, but not so bright that it will ruin the effect of the twinkle lights. Finally, I can put a nice big cooler out on the porch to keep some beverages chilled.

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