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Join Me for a Decorating Adventure

I am redecorating my home, both inside and outside. I am also doing a few DIY projects, like building a pergola on my back porch, and laying flooring throughout my home.

As I decorate, one of my main goals is to keep my home pet friendly. I have two adult Labrador-mutt “puppies” that allow me live with them. Since they rule the home, I will be decorating for them.

In this blog, you will see pictures of the areas that need decorating, descriptions of what need to happen, with helpful pictures to help you visualize the descriptions, and if necessary, DIY videos.

Some of the helpful pictures will be of items like knickknacks, furniture, curtains, and plants. Other pictures will include paint colors, cabinet facings, light fixtures, and flooring. Finally, some of the pictures will be of items I already own.

Just for the fun of it, I will include pictures of my puppies, which can also serve as a reminder of why we need certain designs.

Please, join me, and I will lead you on an adventure in Decorating Tails.

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DIY Pergola

There are some rather important things to consider before running off to buy the lumber. We can start with knowing what the best building material is for this project. I am rather partial to the look, smell, and durability of cedar, and it is within my budget, so that is the material I am going to choose for my pergola.

Another important question is: How do I measure for a pergola? I’m going to need the outside post dimensions, the overall size of the pergola, including the shade/canopy overhang, and the height. Because my porch is attached to my house, I also have to consider the height of the roof’s overhang. I’ll also need the correct mounting hardware, such as anchors to secure the footing of the structure onto the porch, and I’ll need the correct tools.

Finally, I need to know what I want my pergola to look like. In this case, I will want it to be practical in use, with no fancy angles or arches. I will want it as high as my roof-line will allow. I already mentioned that I want it to extend past the porch to cover the grills. There are a few more details that need to be examined about the style of the pergola, including if I want a decorative roof, and fancy cut wood, or if I want a simple squared, and lined, box like structure like the pergola below. I want something a little bit more decorative, but not much.

Now that we have considered all the details, let’s look at a video that shows us a walk-through of a person building a pergola. I chose this video because the pergola he builds resembles the one that I would like for my patio.


I feel like we’re really getting somewhere! In my next post, let’s decorate my new living space!