I want to share a few miscellaneous things with you that just don’t fit anywhere else in this site, so I created a Miscellaneous page.


My grandmother was always crocheting. She made all the grandchildren sweaters and slippers, from the time we were born, to the time she passed away. I still have some of the slippers that she made me, and when I’m feeling lonely for her, I will wear a pair. Recently, I bought a crochet hook and a skein of yarn, thinking I would teach myself how to crochet a scarf. It’s not coming along very well. In my search for crochet videos, I came across this video that I found absolutely fascinating, and I just had to share. I hope you enjoy it!


Another memory I look upon fondly is that of my mother at her sewing machine. She made my sister and I a new dress every Easter and Christmas. She would patch our torn clothes to look like new. When I was deemed old enough, she finally sat me down at her machine, and she taught me how to sew. I was filled with joy and pride. This video makes me think about the days when my mother and I would sit and sew together. One day, I will get my sewing machine out, and I will practice the stitches she taught me, and smile at the memories as I sew.


Halloween is my most favorite of favorite holidays. I plan all year for how I will decorate my home and celebrate with friends. I go all out! I have fog machines, flying bats, creepy spider webs, spooky sounds playing in the background, grave stones in the yard, and so much more. Sometimes, I’m just exhausted by the time I get the chance to decorate, and I want to just skip it. The young lady in this video sums up my Halloween decorating exhaustion.


This is a simple song that makes me think of the home I share with my husband and two dogs.