Here are Five websites that I love to visit when I dream about redecorating my home:

REAL SIMPLE is one of my favorite magazines. It is full of ideas for home decorations. From DIY headboards to chandeliers that cost more than my year’s salary. It is serious fun to click through all the fantastic decorating ideas, even if they are just fantasy ideas. The website even has food and shopping links. It’s for when you need a fancy dinner idea, or just a cool brunch with friends. It’s also for when you see a design, and you just have to have it now, take my money, please.

HGTV is the website for the television station. It has links to just about anything you can think of related to design. You can watch clips from HGTV design episodes. You can learn how to build that fancy bookshelf. You can get tips on how to set a table if you don’t have any silverware or dishes that match. You can enter for the grand prizes. You can play games. The website is so much fun!

ELLE DECOR gets a bit fancy for us. The page is sleek. The pictures of the food are all divine. The homes are elite. Who doesn’t like a peek into the way the elite live? Go ahead. Click and take a peek.

House Beautiful takes elite and raises you $5.5 million. I drool looking at Adam Levine’s gorgeous… loft. My jaw drops when I see a penthouse in a clock tower. This site will have you clicking on page after page of exactly what it promises, beautiful houses.

Country Living sounds like I’m taking things down a notch, but I’m not. I’m just bringing in a bit of a different style. This has wrap around porches, home made ice cream recipes, and a tiny little house that rotates. Yep. Rotates. For the views, of course!