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Trading Spaces

I think I have watched every episode of the show Trading Spaces when it was still on the air. I even bought a few of their books. It was always one of my secret fantasies that one day, my best friend and I would get to be on Trading Spaces, and we would both get a room of our houses fabulously decorated, too.

If you have never heard of Trading Spaces, you can find several clips from the show on YouTube. Here is an episode of the show to give you an idea of why I really loved it:

TLC’s TRADING SPACES- Philadelphia, Spencer & Shenelle and Lena

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WordPress Mobile App

I am so happy that I have downloaded the WordPress mobile app on my phone. This means that I can post while I’m on the go.

Perhaps I am at the thrift store, and I find the perfect antique mirror that just needs to be hung in my hallway. Why does it need to be hung in my hallway? Well, it’s a perfect antique mirror, and my hallway is very narrow. I like hanging mirrors in there because it makes the space feel wider. My washer and dryer are in the hallway. It’s very claustrophobic. But that’s another post…

This post is because I am happy to be able to bring you tidings of joy when I find pieces I want to decorate my house with, and I just cannot wait to have to go all the way home to post about it. Now, I can snap a picture of the treasure, and tell you about it while I wait in line to buy it. Be happy!

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Backyard Gazebo

In my past few posts, I’ve been talking about redecorating my backyard. I failed to mention that I have a gazebo in my backyard. It is one of my favorite features of my house!

I love to sit in the gazebo swing on mild spring or fall days and read. There is a ceiling fan installed in the gazebo that gives a gentle breeze. There are a few electrical outlets, so I can sit out on the swing with my iPad and read a Kindle book, and not worry about the battery. Or I can bring my laptop outside, and work on my homework. (My wifi reaches my backyard. Yay!)

I also have a very small fire table in the gazebo. In the chilly late fall, or early spring, I set a small fire with branches that have fallen in the trees behind the house. I enjoy hot cocoa while sitting in the swing in front of the fire.

The boys absolutely LOVE when I’m out in the gazebo. They believe I am out there exclusively to watch them. They take turns bringing me sticks, or zooming around the yard, barking at imaginary intruders.

This picture is a bit old. We have done a bit of landscaping since this picture.


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Inspiration and Planning for the Kitchen/Laundry Reno — Ugli Blog

This is a post I just had to share! I love the way this blogger thinks!

One day, I will hopefully live up to the talented web techniques displayed in this post. I also love the renovation ideas.

Please give this blogger our support by giving props in the comment section, and pressing that star to give some likes.


Over the last two years I’ve come up with about 30 different ideas for what I wanted the kitchen to look like. I love planning all the little details but I kept changing my mind about what I wanted, because how can you just choose what your kitchen should look like?! It drove Aaron nuts. It […]

via Inspiration and Planning for the Kitchen/Laundry Reno — Ugli Blog

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The Finishing Touch for The Dogs’ Backyard

Now that we have discussed how I want to build a pergola, and what I want to do with the porch, I want to add one little bit of a finishing touch on my dogs’ backyard.

In our backyard, attached to our house, we have a small outdoor closet that is meant for gardening tools, and that closet has a closet that contains our hot-water heater. We had haphazardly hung a door by it’s hinges, and nailed it shut in the door frame to the hot-water heater closet space. We have been using the main portion of the outdoor closet as a shelter area for our dogs. Having this closet for the dogs makes it easier to feel at ease when I put the dogs outside to play when I leave the house, and won’t be back until late, and there’s a surprise rainstorm.

The closet is a mess. The shelves have, I don’t even know what, on them from whatever the house’s previous owners left up there. There is a bird’s nest in one of the shelves, with three thriving baby bluebirds, constantly crying for mom. The door we nailed shut in the water heater doorway had to be un-nailed, and remains swinging open. There are leaves and cobwebs, and I don’t even want to know how much birds drop, all in the closet. I need to get in there and seriously clean it out. Of course, I will leave the bird’s nest undisturbed until the birds have grown up and flown away.

Here are my real plans for the closet space:

I want to hang the door correctly, with a working doorknob. Then, I want to install the giant water cooler with filter water dish for dogs. It needs to be the kind that circulates a large volume of water, and keeps the water moving, because I don’t want mosquitoes thinking that this will be their new breeding ground. Also, my dogs are big boys. They can drink a lake. If I leave them all day, I want to know they have enough water, with no doubt. I also want two of the dog food storage and dispenser units, with a timer. I hope this will be sealed well enough to keep ants and bugs out? I’ll set the timer for the same time on both of them to prevent one greedy puppy gobbling up both bowls of food. Of course, I will change the water and the food frequently, and my boys will never be unattended for an overnight trip or anything. I just  want to make sure if I have to be away for 8-10 hours, they will be well provided for. Another thing, I want two more of those hammock dog beds. One for each of them.

The biggest thing I want to do is a bit difficult, and I don’t know if I am going to be able to do it. I have an outdoor metal door on the closet, and this project will probably mean that I have to change the door. Currently, the closet door is open enough for the boys to get into the closet and feel protected from the elements. What’s better would be a closed closet door, with a big doggy door installed. The closet has a light. I can put a low watt bulb in, and leave it on when I leave for a long day. This doggy door allows maximum protection from those big, drenching, thunder and lightening rain storms. It allows for maximum warmth if it’s cold outside. Maybe on cold days, I can put some blankets in their room. My Oobie Dooby is allergic to hay, so that isn’t an option. I’m not sure how to handle if it’s too hot outside. Maybe I will look into a really big ice pack to set underneath the dog beds, and they can feel cooled down when the cool air circulates around them from the ice pack? I usually just keep them inside, in the air conditioned house.

I’m just trying to think of something for those unexpected times that get out of hand. That’s when I really worry about my boys. If they’re in the house, they’re going to have to use the bathroom, and if they soil in the house, they feel so terrible after, and I can’t be mad, because it’s my fault for being so late. Alternatives. That’s all I’m looking for here. Cozy, comfortable, five star hotel-like alternative accommodations for the most spoiled puppies I know.

This tiny closet “dog-bedroom” concludes my backyard decorating project. Join me soon for my next decorating project!

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An Adorable Reason for Crypton

I know, I’m sorry. I am not yet at the furniture reupholstering portion of my redecorating yet, and I am jumping ahead. BUT! Forgive me! I am just too excited about an upholstering option I have just learned about!

First, please let me explain that I am THAT pet Mommy. The kind of pet Mommy that lets her animals on the furniture. Just take a look at this curled up pile of cuteness, and I dare you to tell me you would tell him to get off the couch:

Video Copyright (C) Michele Tunaitis –

Now, let me tell you about what I found.

I found fabric that is pet friendly. It’s almost like this material’s life mission is to be on my furniture, and making my life easier. This material is stain resistant, water resistant, mildew resistant, and abrasion resistant. It passes a bunch of flammability regulations that I do not understand, so it makes me feel super safe. It’s also resistant to fungal and bacterial growth. It’s a breathable material. All excellent things. But what about…

Clean up? Most new stains come off with a clean, damp cloth and water. A mild soap and water mixture is very effective for more stubborn stains. Hooray! Somebody, take my money, please!

Not sold yet? Ok… It’s made in the USA. It’s made of Bio-Based content, and when the fabric has reached the end of its use as a furniture upholstery, it can be recycled into carpet padding (if you make the extra effort to recycle it). Any extra materials that were hanging out in the factory after the material was created (trimmings and little scraps- they call it shoddy) is recycled by the manufacturer. Hooray for environmentally safe! Award them two extra internet points!

Here’s the best part: IT’S REALLY PRETTY FABRIC!!!! There are many colors and patterns to pick from, and I am having a hard time deciding what I like best.

So, now that you are sold on the product, like I am, check out their webpage.

Check it out: RIGHT HERE!

I can see it now. Beautiful fabric, on NEW furniture! It will be the first time that I’ll own new furniture. I have always had pets that were allowed on the furniture, so all I ever allowed myself was furniture that has been well used hand-me-downs. I couldn’t see any sense in new furniture if animals were going to ruin it.

Now that I have found this product, I cannot wait until it is time to buy and upholster furniture, and start redecorating my parlor! Don’t worry. I won’t leave you out. I’ll post the details when it’s time.

By the way, I just want you to know that I have nothing to do with the company. I don’t know anybody there, I’m not related to them, I haven’t been asked to write any words about them, I haven’t spoken to anybody associated with them. I just found their page while searching for pet friendly fabric for my re-design. When I found it, I got so excited, I just had to tell you all about it. If I end up buying it and find myself disappointed by it in any way, I will definitely let you know!

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Join Me for a Decorating Adventure

I am redecorating my home, both inside and outside. I am also doing a few DIY projects, like building a pergola on my back porch, and laying flooring throughout my home.

As I decorate, one of my main goals is to keep my home pet friendly. I have two adult Labrador-mutt “puppies” that allow me live with them. Since they rule the home, I will be decorating for them.

In this blog, you will see pictures of the areas that need decorating, descriptions of what need to happen, with helpful pictures to help you visualize the descriptions, and if necessary, DIY videos.

Some of the helpful pictures will be of items like knickknacks, furniture, curtains, and plants. Other pictures will include paint colors, cabinet facings, light fixtures, and flooring. Finally, some of the pictures will be of items I already own.

Just for the fun of it, I will include pictures of my puppies, which can also serve as a reminder of why we need certain designs.

Please, join me, and I will lead you on an adventure in Decorating Tails.

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Don’t Forget the Puppies!

You didn’t think I forgot about the puppies, did you? Of course not!

As you could see from the picture of my backyard (a few posts ago), the boys already have a pool to play in. However, I am unhappy with this pool. It stays open all the time, collecting muck and bugs, but most disgusting of all, it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. I can’t have that! My solution is to buy a pool with a lid. I will place the pool in the center of the cement portion of the patio for the best amount of sunlight, and least amount of muck to be tracked into it. I have a little confession to make about the pool, though. The boys believe it is for them to have fun in, splash in, play in, and drink out of. Please don’t tell them that I fully intend on using it to hose them down and give them a good soapy bath in every now and then. That will be our little secret.

Embed from Getty Images

There is something else I plan on giving the boys. I intend on giving them outdoor beds. The beds will be like little hammocks made especially for dogs. It will keep them off the ground when it’s chilly outside, and when it’s hot, air will circulate around their whole bodies, keeping them cooler. As a bonus, not only will it help prevent bugs from crawling on them, but it will be much more comfortable than the hard ground. Hmm. Now that I’m thinking about hammocks. I may just go right ahead and put a hammock for myself under the pergola, right next to the cold drink cooler.

I do believe I have just created a beautifully decorated backyard, perfectly suited to two very spoiled puppy dogs.