A Little About Me


I am a part-time student at the University of Alabama. I am working on my second bachelor’s degree. My first degree is from Athens State University.

My degree is a specialized degree through New College. I am able to take courses throughout all of the University curriculum rather than have a set path already planned for me. I am earning a degree that allows me to learn how to do webpage design. I want an at-home business building and designing web pages.

There is a big thing that excites me about my degree. I get to offer my services as a web designer to places like animal shelters (I am a huge animal rescue activist) and shelters for homeless veterans, women’s shelters, and various other charitable organizations.

While I am learning all the tips and tricks about web design, I am practicing them on my own personal time by building websites and blogs of my own. I enjoy taking various things that I am passionate about and creating ways to express my excitement through my web pages.

Take this site, for example! I get to combine my dogs, who I love passionately; home decorating, which is just so much fun; and my own home, that very much needs to be redecorated; and I put all together on this fun website.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my posts as much as I am enjoying posting them.