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Backyard Gazebo

In my past few posts, I’ve been talking about redecorating my backyard. I failed to mention that I have a gazebo in my backyard. It is one of my favorite features of my house!

I love to sit in the gazebo swing on mild spring or fall days and read. There is a ceiling fan installed in the gazebo that gives a gentle breeze. There are a few electrical outlets, so I can sit out on the swing with my iPad and read a Kindle book, and not worry about the battery. Or I can bring my laptop outside, and work on my homework. (My wifi reaches my backyard. Yay!)

I also have a very small fire table in the gazebo. In the chilly late fall, or early spring, I set a small fire with branches that have fallen in the trees behind the house. I enjoy hot cocoa while sitting in the swing in front of the fire.

The boys absolutely LOVE when I’m out in the gazebo. They believe I am out there exclusively to watch them. They take turns bringing me sticks, or zooming around the yard, barking at imaginary intruders.

This picture is a bit old. We have done a bit of landscaping since this picture.


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