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The Finishing Touch for The Dogs’ Backyard

Now that we have discussed how I want to build a pergola, and what I want to do with the porch, I want to add one little bit of a finishing touch on my dogs’ backyard.

In our backyard, attached to our house, we have a small outdoor closet that is meant for gardening tools, and that closet has a closet that contains our hot-water heater. We had haphazardly hung a door by it’s hinges, and nailed it shut in the door frame to the hot-water heater closet space. We have been using the main portion of the outdoor closet as a shelter area for our dogs. Having this closet for the dogs makes it easier to feel at ease when I put the dogs outside to play when I leave the house, and won’t be back until late, and there’s a surprise rainstorm.

The closet is a mess. The shelves have, I don’t even know what, on them from whatever the house’s previous owners left up there. There is a bird’s nest in one of the shelves, with three thriving baby bluebirds, constantly crying for mom. The door we nailed shut in the water heater doorway had to be un-nailed, and remains swinging open. There are leaves and cobwebs, and I don’t even want to know how much birds drop, all in the closet. I need to get in there and seriously clean it out. Of course, I will leave the bird’s nest undisturbed until the birds have grown up and flown away.

Here are my real plans for the closet space:

I want to hang the door correctly, with a working doorknob. Then, I want to install the giant water cooler with filter water dish for dogs. It needs to be the kind that circulates a large volume of water, and keeps the water moving, because I don’t want mosquitoes thinking that this will be their new breeding ground. Also, my dogs are big boys. They can drink a lake. If I leave them all day, I want to know they have enough water, with no doubt. I also want two of the dog food storage and dispenser units, with a timer. I hope this will be sealed well enough to keep ants and bugs out? I’ll set the timer for the same time on both of them to prevent one greedy puppy gobbling up both bowls of food. Of course, I will change the water and the food frequently, and my boys will never be unattended for an overnight trip or anything. I just  want to make sure if I have to be away for 8-10 hours, they will be well provided for. Another thing, I want two more of those hammock dog beds. One for each of them.

The biggest thing I want to do is a bit difficult, and I don’t know if I am going to be able to do it. I have an outdoor metal door on the closet, and this project will probably mean that I have to change the door. Currently, the closet door is open enough for the boys to get into the closet and feel protected from the elements. What’s better would be a closed closet door, with a big doggy door installed. The closet has a light. I can put a low watt bulb in, and leave it on when I leave for a long day. This doggy door allows maximum protection from those big, drenching, thunder and lightening rain storms. It allows for maximum warmth if it’s cold outside. Maybe on cold days, I can put some blankets in their room. My Oobie Dooby is allergic to hay, so that isn’t an option. I’m not sure how to handle if it’s too hot outside. Maybe I will look into a really big ice pack to set underneath the dog beds, and they can feel cooled down when the cool air circulates around them from the ice pack? I usually just keep them inside, in the air conditioned house.

I’m just trying to think of something for those unexpected times that get out of hand. That’s when I really worry about my boys. If they’re in the house, they’re going to have to use the bathroom, and if they soil in the house, they feel so terrible after, and I can’t be mad, because it’s my fault for being so late. Alternatives. That’s all I’m looking for here. Cozy, comfortable, five star hotel-like alternative accommodations for the most spoiled puppies I know.

This tiny closet “dog-bedroom” concludes my backyard decorating project. Join me soon for my next decorating project!


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