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Daily Prompt: Chaos

My response to the daily prompt titled Chaos which asks;

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.”

Today, I am one week into my recovery from being released from the hospital. (I had collapsed with around 30 blood clots in my lungs.) I woke up this morning to discover that I have a severe, and excruciatingly painful Shingles rash. My chronic migraine pain is at a high today, and my head is simply exploding. My blood pressure is 132/83. My heart rate is 114 bpm. There will be no redecorating for a long time, only the imaginings within my posts. I will reference these posts when I am recovered enough to start working on the house again, and the posts will refresh my memory, and give me inspiration. This is physical chaos that I have to overcome by resting and waiting.

My husband is practicing with his band in our parlor. I have my earplugs in, and I can hear them as if I have the stereo turned up too loud. (My migraine brain is still exploding.) My 70 pound epileptic dog, Lux, is at my feet. He hates band practice. Every few minutes, he tries to jump into my lap. I have two more journal posts (after this one) due in 4 hours. The posts are for my Summer Interim course. Yipes! Chaos!

I am sitting on the edge of the bed, working on a laptop that is on top of a tv tray. My husband has a band room, but it is too cluttered up with stuff to use it. He can close the band room door, and I can close the bedroom door, and the volume is much lower, and that helps on days when my migraines are awful, like today. This experience is giving me even more determination to dig into his band room as my next room for redecorating. I can even start now, because he will be the one doing the work.

When they practice in the parlor, they have to move all the furniture aside, and then move it back when they finish. There is band equipment everywhere. It’s a big mess. It will be a great relief to find a way to fit his band back into his room. Then, I can start on my parlor. As of now, the band room and the parlor are in chaos!

I mentioned my epileptic dog for a reason. He often gets sick. Even though that’s no fun to clean, it was worse when we had carpet. We still need new flooring, but I have to keep in mind the damage the dogs will inflict on the floor with their big toenails scratching everywhere they walk, and my poor sick baby boy, who can’t help it sometimes. So the search will be on for flooring that can stand up to the boys’ chaos.

Chaos is opportunity. It gives me the chance to persevere and make it to the other side. When I beat Chaos into order, I’m going to be a strong and successful, person. I’m about to conquer Chaos. Just watch me.


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