Posted in Decorating the Backyard

Banished Puppies Need an Inviting, Comfortable Backyard.

Miserable dogs.
Just look at those pitiful faces, all miserable because their porch does not have a pergola for shade, and they don’t have a fancy room to relax in. Copyright (C)

Is there anything more heartbreaking than puppies, who have been banished to the backyard, begging at the back door to be let back inside? I know it is a beautiful spring day, with perfect temperatures, and they have all the water and shade that they need to keep cool and hydrated.

However, I also know that my boys deserve the best, and our backyard is not at its best. In the next several posts, let’s explore some ideas on how to make it the perfect environment for Lux (my golden boy) and Oobie Dooby (who loves everybody he meets) to romp and play, or lazily bask in the sun.



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